Life: July

*Written over July and the beginning of August*

July was a big month. Weddings and birthdays, busy work periods, and a toddler constantly on the move combined with our decision to tackle the Plastic Free July challenge left us all lacking in energy by the end of the month.
However, it was almost worth it. Weekends by the beach and reconnecting with friends helped to revive our spirits, the sheer joy of a little man running at us with a huge grin was too cute not to love, and the beautiful clear winter days we've had also meant we spent a lot of our hours outside in the garden, pottering around and gardening – a pretty perfect way to spend an afternoon to be honest.
And as spring approaches I'm starting to feel my energy grow with it.

Desiring: Some dark or raw chocolate. Or even just a hot cacao. Something rich and slightly bitter and delicious that I can sip away on while reading The Wolves of Calla. After a hefty break from The Dark Tower series I'm back with a vengeance!  

Loving: Podcasts! By about 8am every morning the little man and I have cabin fever and will normally set out for a long walk. He watches the trains and I treat my ears. Currently I'm flipping between Conversations, Chat 10 Looks 3 and Penmanship  but am considering delving into Revisionist History. 

Wearing: Um. Does activewear count? I certainly hope so because I'm throwing on yoga pants and a comfy top most days, partly so I can run around after a little man and then do a yoga session (did I mention I'm training to do be a yoga teacher?) before settling at the computer to work. And partly because it's a damn comfy attire, although part of me is terrified of becoming like this.

Happenings:  Steve and I decided to tackle Plastic Free July for the month, predominantly focusing on refusing water bottles, cutlery, bags, straws and coffee cups. What an eye opener this month was! We found just how entrenched plastic is in our society, and how strange people found this refusal was. But on the plus side, farmers' markets are our happy place, our local butcher accepted our own containers without batting an eyelid and bulk stores are fantastic (if just for the bulk chocolate). A few weeks on and we've loosened our grip a litter, but mostly we're living a plastic-free life and loving it!

Eating: Mexican. Lots and lots of Mexican with homemade spice seasoning and flour and water tortillas. So easy, so delicious.

Drinking: Gin! For Christmas I asked for lemon trees to keep my lime tree company, and the little trees are flourishing with fruit. A G&T with a homegrown lemon or lime is a pretty amazing experience, especially after spending many sleepless nights with a teething toddler (that's something they should put in the manual!)

Hearing: My wedding playlist. Spring means wedding anniversary and, for me, sounds, smells and memories are pretty tightly interwoven. Plus dance-offs with a one-year-old to Hall and Oates are also fun. 

Reading: I'm a notorious book swapper, and will normally have a few books on the go at a time. In addition to Wolves of Calla (again - get into this series if you haven't already), I'm flicking through Mia Freedman's Work Strife Balance, which is OK but it's not really capturing my attention. I've also got my eye on this book as we continue to simplify our lives.

Watching: Probably like everyone else, we're watching Game of Thrones. Come Monday nights I pretty much run out of the little man's room, get handed my dinner and we hit play. But we also tackled Lion recently, and I really recommend it!

Now over to you - how has the month treated you?

Life inspired by Heidi (and in turn by Pip).

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