Life: June

Life is a little snapshot of happenings over a month whenever I get a chance to tap away at my computer.

Oh June, where did you go? It seemed like one day I was celebrating the (alleged) onset of winter while holidaying in Byron Bay, then it was winter solstice and suddenly the month was over. It was a beautiful month here in the Sunshine State with crisp yet warm days under a deep blue sky. It was also the month I began a new chapter in my life - yoga teacher training. It's fantastic learning the other side of something I've got so much love for, and that has become a integral part of my life.

Wanting:  A massage! As the little one gets heavier, his weight is starting to cause a few aches and pains in my body. Add in an increase in yoga and a weekly high intensity session and I'm feeling a bit sore. Side note: Brisbane mums, if you want a great workout in a child-friendly space head to Lang Park PCYC. You may not be able to walk properly the next day, but you'll be feeling great!

Loving: Hot porridge. Every morning! Nothing more need be said.

Wearing: Jeans and converse. Comfy, practical and warm. I rediscovered a pair of flairs I bought more than 10 years ago and am giving them a good workout at the moment.

Happenings: I've begun my yoga teacher training. It's too early in the course to really get into it, but I'm loving the mental and physical stimulation, and the related reading is also an eye opener. I'm sure there will be more on this to come! And after teasing us for months, our little man finally decided it was time to start walking. It's so cute to watch him totter around.

Eating: Roasts. Lots and lots of roast dinners. It;s glorious (especially when I'm not the one cooking them).

Drinking: Hot herbal tea, especially peppermint or dandelion. And, of course, tea and coffee since the little dude is firmly against sleeping solo these day, and he likes to hog the bed. Luckily his smile is pretty gorgeous to wake up to. 

Hearing: I'm back on the Richard Fidler/Conversations bandwagon. Tales of Mortification had me in convulsions. But Deva Premal is also filling my days too.

Reading: Jasper Fforde's The Fourth Bear. The way this man's imagination works is simply unparalleled. Now, if only he'd release the sequel to Shades of Grey.

Desiring: Um, nothing really strikes me right now. Possibly a trip somewhere. Or a hot chocolate. Actually, that sounds pretty good. 

Watching: The second season of Master of None. It's good so far. Funny, poignant yet awkward.

Life inspired by Heidi (and in turn by Pip).

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