Hi folks!

My name is Kylie - nice to meet you and welcome to my little corner of the world.

I'm a 32-year-old based in sunny Queensland with an unhealthy obsession with words. I'll devour them any time, any place, in almost any format (although I find a side of tea or a red wine often makes the experience all the more enjoyable). So it makes sense that I've made a career out of words.

For almost a decade I've been a journalist based out of Brisbane, first working in regional newspapers where I covered everything from federal politics to local news and everything in between before making the jump to the world of magazine publishing where I rapidly fell in love with the art of telling stories in long form.

Which brings us here. Black tea, white pages is my life summed up in words. Travel, food, musings, and adventurings all in one place, maybe with a pretty image or three to go with them.

I hope you enjoy your visit, whether it's a fun way to while away some time or to see if we can work together.

Some facts about me (in no particular order):

  • I'm an avid traveller. My passport is looking a little weathered these days, and it's just the way I like it. I've called Paris home, and have a regularly expanding list of other counties I long to explore. However, London has always topped the list - I will live there one day!
  • The ocean is my happy place. Crossing the cool sand and diving beneath the waves early in the morning, feeling the cool water on my face... there are few things better in life.
  • Except, that is, my family. My husband is a food-loving, wine-appreciating, sports enthusiast who has been known to spend days heading down a google wormhole when he finds a scientific subject interesting. I wish I was exaggerating when I say Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time was lying next to his side of the bed when I wrote this. I'm also the mama to a bubbly, energetic little boy who is thoroughly immersed in discovering the world around him and, as a result, teaching me to look around with fresh eyes.
  • I love to move my body as often as possible. Contorting on my yoga mat, walking through dappled sunshine, fighting it out on the netball court, dancing in my lounge room. I'm not picky.
  • It's not uncommon for me to have at least three books on the go at once. I like options!
  • The recipe for a great evening, in my opinion, is to cook a delicious meal from scratch and pair it with wonderful company and a good wine. At the moment my go to is this slow-cooked beef cheek mole topped with guacamole and corn salsa from here. Although I also have my eye on this recipe for when the evenings start to cool down.
  • If I could live in an eternal summer I would. Mangoes, coconuts, a cool gin and tonic, long evenings and bright mornings equal bliss to me.
And on a professional note:

  •  I find few things more satisfying than crafting a good yarn. Creating well turned sentences and vivid imagery really do equal an enjoyable day for me. It should come as no surprise either that I've got degrees in journalism, English literature and psychology.
  • Time is precious - both yours and mine - so I always strive to make sure neither is wasted. That being said, I also don't stop working until everyone is happy. After spending nearly a decade working to monthly, weekly and even daily deadlines I know how to manage my time and make sure you receive clean copy bang on time.
  • With almost a decade's experience behind me, I can turn my hand to long and short form non fiction; blog posts, ghost posts, guest posts, and media releases.
If you want to collaborate together, get in touch.

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