Life: April

Life is a little snapshot of happenings over a month whenever I get a chance to tap away at my computer.

It's been a big month. It's the month I returned to work, albeit part-time. It's the month Steve began a new job located much farther away than before. It's the month our little man turns one. It's the month where I naively thought we had all our balls in the air, before night after night of hours of tears and sickness after sickness (thanks daycare) swept through our house. But it's also the month we began to cement what it is we want - namely a house of our own - and new ambitions rose up. So ultimately it's been a month of growing up. Yay! I think.

Wanting: Sleep! A developmental surge combined with multiple sicknesses means our house has been lacking in the sleepy dust for a while. This is where the "this too shall pass" mantra gets pulled out hourly. 

Loving: Yoga Girl aka Rachel Brathen's podcast From the Heart. I started following her instagram account a few years ago purely because yoga + beach is something I dream about, and the podcast is a great add on to the social media platform. But this is often being rotated with Richard Fidler's Conversations. Smart and funny and really interesting!

Wearing: My new luludus. This business has since closed, but these shoes were hand crocheted in Cambodia, providing a good wage to a woman to support herself with. Good vibes and good treads.

Happenings: I've gone back to work! And honestly I am in awe of the mums who go back full-time straight away. Trying to keep everything flowing properly on top of working a few days a week means Steve and I are once again looking at how to better manage our time. 

Eating: Homemade banana bread. Ever day. The recipe is from here, but I add in a bit of ground ginger and nutmeg too.

Drinking: The bubbles obsession has continued. Cheers!

Hearing: A scratchy Duke Ellington record we picked up at the West End market. Cool tunes, cool dude. Although the days with our record player are drawing to a close as the little man has discovered the buttons on the front are lots of fun to play with.

Reading: With the increase in time spent at parks, a work schedule and illness reading has been limited to Jetsetmama's instagram posts. I have no regrets about this though.

Desiring: A good gin and tonic to go with my homegrown limes. Also a bubble bath wouldn't go astray.

Watching: Vikings has captured Steve's attention, so I'm watching the series for the second time. More significantly though are the Seinfeld episodes I'm discovering I still remember way too well. But as the little man has begun to notice the TV, we're spending more and more time with it turned off and music on. Except for the Wiggles, because some screen time provides balance.

Life inspired by Heidi (and in turn by Pip).

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