Life: February

Life is a little snapshot of happenings over a month whenever I get a chance to tap away at my computer.

At this moment: I'm sitting on my couch in a quiet house, enjoying the cool that follows a hot summers' day. I'm tired but pleasantly so. The baby is asleep and I'm marvelling at how much life has changed in the past year. If you'd told me I'd happily be nursing a glass of wine at home on a Saturday night I'd never have believed you.

Wanting: A long hot bath. Or a dip in the ocean. It is summer after all, and five weeks spent living in Byron Bay have made me more than a little dependant on daily swims to feel alive.

Loving: Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. I've never read any Stephen King before - horror isn't really my jam - but for some reason sci-fi mashed up with classic western is really floating my boat. It also inspired me to read his On Writing. I highly recommend it for any other writers out there.

Wearing: Worn out denim shorts and a maternity shirt. Ah the joys of needing access to the boobs at all times. On the plus side, these threads are insanely comfortable.

Happenings: Steve and I have just moved back from Byron Bay and are trying to settle into a hot, overcrowded house. As a result plans to buy our own are being fast tracked. Maybe somewhere with a veggie patch, a verandah and space to breathe.

Eating: Fish and salad. It's hot, it's late and my energy didn't extend to cooking anything resembling a fancy meal.

Drinking: I've been enjoying a good glass of bubbles this month. Maybe it's the summer season, maybe it's celebrating having extended family time, maybe it's just because a nice night with good company and some good music calls for bubbles.

Hearing: The trains rattling by at the nearby station, but slowly being drowned out by a plan rumbling overhead. On a more general note I've been devouring the podcast How to be a girl and any Sonny Rollins jazz.

Reading: I've been consumed to an almost unhealthy level by the blog Apples Under My Bed. Anyone who can combine food with parenting and a touch of whimsy has my undivided attention. Heidi is a dietitian by trade and her recipes are crazily delicious.

Desiring: more podcasts. I'm obsessed. I listen to them as I drive, when I'm walking with the babe, when we're at home playing. And I've feasibly run out of my regulars. I've heard Missing Maura Murray is good. Thoughts?

Watching: a little bit of everything. But the doco Minimalism  (on Netflix) has been a recent fave. I'm a total greenie who one day dreams of living zero waste, so I'm really enjoying the shift towards enjoying experiences more than stuff that has been happening lately.

Life inspired by Heidi (and in turn by Pip).

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